宠妃沾衣肉在第几章 一般LED轨道灯用多少瓦数合适 were unclear because the light was overstrong. G: A very just observation. S: If so, education is not truly what some of its professors say it is. They say they are able to put knowledge into a soul which hasn‘t got it – as if they were putting sight into blind eyes. G: They do say so. S: But our argument points to this: the natural power to learn lives in the soul and is like an eye which might not be turned from the dark to the light without a turning round of the whole body. The instrument of knowledge has to be turned round and with the whole soul, from the things of becoming to the things of being, till the soul is able, by degrees, to support the light of true being and can look at the brightest. And this, we say, is the good? G: We do. S: Of this very process, then, there might be an art, the art of turning the soul round most quickly, and with the most effect. It would not be an art of producing a power of seeing in the soul, for it has that already – though it has been looking in the wrong direction. It would be an art of turning the soul in the right direction. G: That seems probable. S: The other qualities of the soul do seem like those of the body, for even when they are not present from birth, they may be formed in it by training and use. But the quality of reason and thought, it seems, is a much more godlike thing whose power never goes away, but as it is turned in one direction or another, becomes useful and able to do good, or useless and able only to damage. Haven‘t you noted, in those who are commonly said to be bad but sharp men, how quick their little souls are to see what is to their interest? It is clear they can see well enough. Only, the sharper their sight is, the worse are the things they do. G: Quite true. S: If from the earliest days this part of such a soul had been freed from the leadlike weights fixed to it at birth by the pleasures of taste and such, that now turn the soul‘s vision downwards; if, I say, the soul had been turned instead towards the things that are true and good, the same power in these same men would have been as quick to see the higher things as it is in seeing the low things it looks for now. G: Probably. S: And here is another thing which is probable, or, more truly, a necessary outcome of what we have said: those who are without education and true knowledge will never be able rulers of the state. And the same is true of those who never make an end of their education: the first because they have no one fixed purpose to give direction to all their acts, public and private; the others because they will not act at all, if they are not forced to, but believe they have been already transported to the Happy Isle. So we who are designing this state will have to face these naturally best minds to get what we have said is the greatest knowledge of all, to go on up till they see the good and when they have seen enough, we will not let them do as they do now. G: What is that? S: They may not keep to themselves up there, but have to go down again among those prisoners and take part in their work and rewards, whatever these may be. G: Then are we to wrong them by forcing them into a worse way of living when a better one is within their power? S: Are you keeping in mind, my friend, that this law of ours is not to make any one group in蒲公英刺玫茶



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